Increase Your Personal Productivity – Tips to Ensure That Your Day Is Well Spent

Do you feel that you are unable to get enough work done even though you have very little time to spare at the end of it? If you feel completely overwhelmed by work then it is perhaps time for you to examine your personal productivity. The difference between successful people and those who are not is perhaps how they are able to make their time more productive. In fact, it is a well-known fact that overachievers are able to get more work done in the least possible time and they also have plenty of time left over for leisure.

Distractions are the biggest killers of personal productivity. They can happen whether one works at home or in an office and can take the form of telephone calls, text messages and increasingly, social networking sites like Facebook. If you examine your day you are bound to find many of these distractions that resulted in you spending a lot more time doing work than you really needed to.

If you are unable to deal with these distractions by exercising self-control then you ought to keep them as far away from you as possible. Switch off your internet connection if necessary. If you get a lot of phone calls then you should screen them for the really important ones. If the distractions are caused by people at office who just stop by for a chat then you should learn to politely deflect their attempts at conversation. You could always tell them that you will be available to chat during lunch or some other convenient time.

Even the way in which you do work might be eating into your productivity. If you are disorganized then you will very likely be scrambling from one task to the other without completing any. Always start your day (and preferably your week) with a proper schedule so that your time is well mapped out. Focus on the most important tasks first. If it is possible to delegate less important tasks then you ought to do that as well since this will save you a great deal of time.

You also need the right equipment in order to be very productive at work. Make sure that you know how to use technology effectively so that you can cut through your work. For instance, you could use your cell phone or any other hand held communication device to sort through your emails and also plan your day while you have some spare time. Your workstation should also be tidy and organized so that you do not waste time looking for things. Also, a tidy place will help ensure that your thoughts are orderly.

It is always good to get professional help if you feel that you still cannot get things under control. Join a training program that will help you increase your personal productivity or at least buy a tutorial on the subject. You will be very happy with the way in which your work output increases and also with the fact that you will have lots of time left over for leisure.